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The International Family Forestry Alliance

Forest owners strongly oppose the draft European CEN standard for bio-based products sustainability criteria
In a joint statement, the organisations CEPF, Copa-Cogeca, ELO, Eustafor and USSE, raised their concerns towards the European Commission and the CEN Technical Committee regarding the draft European CEN standard for bio-based products sustainability criteria. Read more »

Implementing the forestry measures key for successful rural development
This was one of the key messages CEPF conveyed at the International Conference on Funding Forestry through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which took place in Zvolen, Slovak Republic, on 29 September until 2 October 2014. Read more »

Forestry debates kick-off in the new European Parliament
More than 60 participants attended a ‘Forest-Breakfast’ at the European Parliament to discuss European Forestry’s contribution to today’s and tomorrow’s forest-based industries in the EU. Read more »

EESC adopts opinion on EU Forest Strategy
On 10 July 2014, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted its opinion on the Commission’s new EU Forest Strategy. Receiving full support at the 500th EESC plenary session, the document highlights the importance of the new EU Forest Strategy against the backdrop of growing demands on forestry and forests. Read more »

European Forestry House summer reception defies rain!
Around 60 people from the Brussels based forest network, including representatives from a number of EU institutions, governments and forest relevant stakeholder organisations, gathered at the informal summer reception of the European Forestry House on 9 July. Read more »

»   Forming of the new European Parliament takes shape 11.07.2014
»   New LIFE funding sub-programme on environment 01.07.2014
»   FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) highlights socio-economic benefits of forestry 27.06.2014
»   Dates for FOREST EUROPE Ministerial Conferences announced 26.06.2014
»   The Commission publishes new State Aid Guidelines relevant for forestry 25.06.2014
»   UNECE/FAO initiates work on forest ownership assessment 19.06.2014
»   Development of SFM criteria under EU Forest Strategy moves on 12.06.2014
»   Open consultation on No Net Loss initiative under Biodiversity Strategy 07.06.2014
»   Latvian Prime Minister opens CEPF General Assembly in Riga 06.06.2014
»   MAES: Improving the knowledge about ecosystems and their services 23.05.2014
»   Cooperation of EU Regions on Forest Innovation 22.05.2014
»   Council adopts conclusions on new EU Forest Strategy 21.05.2014
»   EU Elections 2014: CEPF interviewing Members of European Parliament 14.05.2014
»   EU Elections 2014: This time it matters! 06.05.2014
»   The social dimensions of SFM must be further developed 03.05.2014
»   EP plenary adopts Invasive Alien Species legislation 23.04.2014
»   Plant reproductive material law rejected 23.04.2014
»   Commission proceeds with the revision of state aid guidelines 10.04.2014
»   Roadmap for the development of SFM criteria published 01.04.2014
»   House of Lords invited CEPF to talk about EU forest policy 28.03.2014
»   World Forests Summit 2014 - Unlocking the true potential of forests 28.03.2014
»   CEPF hosts German-speaking “Försterstammtisch” 21.03.2014
»   5 key messages from European forest owners for the new EU legislative period 14.03.2014
»   New insights on forest pathogens invading Europe 10.02.2014
»   Update on the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Regulation 10.02.2014
»   Update on Plant Reproductive Material and Health Risk Controlling Mechanism law 10.02.2014
»   EU State aid guidelines for forestry sector 2014-2020 under discussion 10.02.2014
»   Commission launched the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework 10.02.2014
»   New EU Forest Strategy discussed in the European Parliament 28.01.2014
»   CEPF welcomes the New Year by joining Twitter and LinkedIn 10.01.2014
»   International Year of Family Farming 07.01.2014
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