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The International Family Forestry Alliance

News 2017

»   Global community gathered in Bonn for COP23 climate talks 20.11.2017
»   Press Release: Call for an ambitious EU Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan 16.11.2017
»   More work is still needed on forestry issues in Renewable Energy Directive (recast) after European Parliament’s Environment Committee vote 24.10.2017
»   European Parliament voted in favour of a LULUCF regulation better fit for purpose, but final results still remain uncertain 19.10.2017
»   Sustainable bioenergy discussed in the European Parliament 13.10.2017
»   Forest producer organisations as key actors in achieving global objectives 11.10.2017
»   European forest owners and managers welcome the 4th European Forest Week and underline the key role of sustainable forest management to provide solutions to societal challenges 09.10.2017
»   Forest pedagogy: Adventures between communicating and educating 06.10.2017
»   New study on Natura 2000 and forests: Assessing the state of implementation and effectiveness 29.09.2017
»   European Parliament votes in favour of a LULUCF regulation better fit for purpose 13.09.2017
»   The European Forestry House Celebrates 10 Years of Existence 20.07.2017
»   The forest sector has a vast potential to provide climate benefits – CEPF, EUSTAFOR and FTP hosts Press breakfast 14.07.2017
»   LULUCF: Forestry, paper and agri-sectors team up in favor of a dynamic forest reference level 11.07.2017
»   High-Level conference on future CAP 10.07.2017
»   Active forest management is needed to prevent devastating forest fires 03.07.2017
»   Sustainability in action when CEPF members gather for General Assembly 29.06.2017
»   Europe’s forest owners and managers deeply concerned about draft European Parliament forest biomass report 12.06.2017
»   CEPF, Copa and Cogeca and ELO underline potential benefits of Action Plan to make Natura 2000 a success but call for improvements to be made 07.06.2017
»   The European Natura 2000 Award open for calls 02.06.2017
»   European forest owners today welcome the EU Green Week and underline the key role forests play in creating green jobs 29.05.2017
»   CEPF publishes position paper on the future of the CAP 28.04.2017
»   New EU Nature Directives Action Plan published 27.04.2017
»   CEPF Secretary General receives medal from the Swedish King 25.04.2017
»   State aid guidelines – evaluation and fitness check 24.04.2017
»   Four-year study on forest ownership changes in Europe finalized 18.04.2017
»   Sustainably managed forests are a proven source of sustainable biomass for bioenergy 12.04.2017
»   Final report EIP-AGRI Workshop ‘New Value Chains from Multifunctional Forests’ 11.04.2017
»   Press Release: The importance of implementing Cork 2.0 Declaration to ensure an innovative EU Rural Development Policy and a better life in rural areas underlined at major event 22.03.2017
»   MEP Lins’ draft LULUCF report published – Main issue on Forest Reference Levels remains unclear 13.03.2017
»   Press Release: CEPF, Copa & Cogeca, FACE, ELO on new EU Court of Auditors report on Natura 2000 24.02.2017
»   Focus Group on forests dealing with climate change – call for experts 23.02.2017
»   Public consultation on the future of the CAP 20.02.2017
»   Action Plan Fitness Check of Nature Directives for better implementation 10.02.2017
»   Great court success for Swedish forest owners 03.02.2017
»   Circular Economy Action Plan – Parliament’s ENVI Committee supports the use of biobased packaging 31.01.2017
»   Press Release: Forest Management is Solution to Climate Change 25.01.2017
»   Maltese EU Council Presidency priorities on forests 18.01.2017

Global community gathered in Bonn for COP23 climate talks

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Forest Europe: Expert Level Meeting
28 - 29 November 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia

European Parliament public hearing on the EU forest strategy
4 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium

European Biodiversity Conference
5 December 2017, Brussels, Belgium

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