EU plan to step up actions against deforestation comes timely as the world’s rainforests burn
Just a month after the publication of the Communication on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests, thousands of fires are burning in the world biggest rainforest and in Central Africa. Implementation actions against deforestation are now the key.

Unlike forest fire ignitions in other regions, the Amazon and Central African fires are mostly manmade, illegal and deliberate. On top of the fires, the rate of deforestation in Brazil has been significantly rising compared to previous years. Forest fires, deforestation and forest degradation currently happening significantly impact an important carbon sink, hotspot for biodiversity, including some endemic species, and local communities CEPF expresses its serious concerns about this alarming situation mostly due to increasing deforestation activities.  

In this context, CEPF welcomes the recent European Commission’s Communication1 aiming at addressing global deforestation. European Forest Owners support the EU in taking actions to tackle this issue. To prevent future forest fire’s outbreaks and other disasters, deforestation and its causes, including socio-economic challenges, have to be addressed and appropriate support for those unique tropical rainforests should be provided. 


1 Communication on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests