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The International Family Forestry Alliance

Policy areas

Forestry does not have a legal mandate in the European treaty. However forestry issues are addressed in several policy areas. The lack of mandate and coordination has resulted in numerous binding measures or policies that impact on forests, whilst having no consistent approach to forestry and the forest industry sector. This is reflected in the number of Directorates General in the European Commission (more than 8) involved in forest-related issues. These fragmented responsibilities within European, national and regional bodies, institutions and agencies are presently leading to diverging or antagonistic views and decisions.

CEPF targets its activities to all relevant Directorates General in the Commission, to the European Parliament and the European Council.

The CEPF, via its member associations, consolidates the concerns and proposals of 16 million family forest owners from 25 European countries.

The individual forest owners are part of social networks from semi-rural to remote rural areas to which Community policies are usually not easily communicated. CEPF has in that respect a bridge building role enabling family forest owners from the local level to voice their concerns and provide their knowledge to the European level.

The main policy areas and processes CEPF is currently following, are:

  • EU Forestry Strategy
  • Forest Europe - Legally Binding Agreement (LBA)
  • CAP and Rural Development
  • Climate Change / LULUCF
  • Wood energy / Biomass criteria
  • Environment / Natura 2000
  • EU Timber Regulation / Public procurement
  • Certification
  • Research / Horizon 2020
  • Forest-based Industry / Bio-economy
  • Forest ecosystem services
  • Forest health and vitality

Global community gathered in Bonn for COP23 climate talks

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