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The International Family Forestry Alliance


The European Forestry House Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

A summer reception was held at the European Forestry House to mark its 10-year anniversary, gathering around 90 people from the Brussels-based forest network, including representatives from EU institutions, governments and stakeholder organisations. The success of the European Forestry House was confirmed by Phil Hogan, the current European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, who spoke to the gathering through a video speech.

LRF Swedish Forest Owners 2017

Swedish forest owners´ care and love for their forests over many generations has created not only well-kept forests with high and sustainable production of a renewable resource, but also a beautiful Swedish landscape with lots of variety. 330 000 Swedish forest owner each have their own dreams and plans for their forests.

More heat with less wood

The video “More heat with less wood” was launched during the 38th joint ECE/FAO Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management to promote energy efficiency and wood energy. Making a fire is easy, but making efficient use of wood energy at home is everything else but easy!

International Day of Forests 2016

Join us in celebrating the International Day of Forests on 21 March 2016.

Forest Owner Lobbyist zu Guttenberg on Germany’s Green Politics



One Single Tree

In ‘One Single Tree’, Carolin Winter and Florian Schnabel show us the benefits to people and the environment that come from just one tree.


Europe's forests: seeing the wood for the trees (EuroparlTV)


International Day of Forests 2015

Climate change is subjecting our planet to unsustainable pressures. Forests and trees trap and store carbon as they grow – standing at the frontline against climate change. Join us in celebrating the International Day of Forests on 21 March.


Forests & Forestry highlighted by Latvian EU Council Presidency

This introductory video was made to honor the important role Latvia, taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January until the end of June 2015. The video highlights the important role of forests and forestry in Latvia: "To be honest about 50 percent of Latvia is not covered in forests, which means that the other 50 percent is."


International Day of Forests 2014

Forests and trees sustain and protect us, providing clean air and water, safeguarding biodiversity and acting as a buffer against climate change. For many people, they also offer food, shelter and employment. It is up to us in turn to sustain and protect our forests - our future is at stake.


Santa Claus vision on European forestry

Santa Claus, the official ambassador of the UNECE/FAO European Forest Week, shared his views on the importance and great values of forests also in a video message on 12 December 2013, which can be found here:


European forestry innovation: charting a path towards a green economy

This film highlights how Finland is setting an example in sustainable forest management and how the many and varied innovations emerging from Finland's forestry sector can help, not only Finland, but the rest of Europe, in achieving the goal of greening their economies. Wood, unlike fossil fuels, is a renewable resource, because trees regrow as the result of seed sowing, replanting and natural regeneration. Finland's work in developing innovative wood products, is demonstrating how wood can be used as a greener option not only in traditional industries such as construction and pulp and paper production but in fields as broad as energy, pharmaceuticals and medicine.


CEPF statement on Biomass criteria

Short statement by the CEPF Secretary General, Aljoscha Requardt, at the AEBIOM European Bioenergy conference 2013 after its session on bioenergy challenges and opportunities, reflecting on the need of sustainability schemes for solid biomass production at EU level. Brussels, 17 June 2013


Changing Landscapes of the Mediterranean

In the Mediterranean region, which is heavily hit by climate change and population growth that's putting pressure on precious food and water resources, the need to ensure the future of forests and the services they provide is more urgent than ever.


Increasing threats from pests and pathogens for Europe's forests

European forests are of immense importance to people, the environment and the economy, however changing climatic conditions are a challenge. The ISEFOR project addresses the problems that will arise from: (1) climate change impacts on forest ecosystem vitality; (2) increasing threats from alien invasive pests and pathogens; and (3) changing threats from indigenous pests and pathogens, or alien species already established in Europe.


UNFF: our future, our forests

The United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) approached MediaStorm to create a film for the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in June 2012.


CEPF actively contributing to the FOREST EUROPE process

See interviews from the Forest Europe Expert Level Meeting, 14-15 February 2012 in Madrid, Spain.


European Forests: Central to the World We Live In

The video produced by the European Forest Institute (EFI), gives an overall picture of Europe's most versatile ecological infrastructure, tracing a path from south to north and from west to east. As we tour around Europe, we ask why forests continue to be so important to each region, even in the 21st century.


The Swedish forestry model

Video produced by the European Environmental Agency (EEA): The Swedish forestry model is built on regenerating forests, so when the old forest is taken away a new forest is established. It is when the forest is young and middle aged that it grows most rapidly, hence absorbing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By monitoring and using modern technology, forest experts indentify trees that should be harvested and trees that should be left behind.


“Forestry Investments in Emerging Countries” - Summary of impressions and perspectives

The meeting took place from May 17th to the 19th 2011 in the Netherlands, and was organized by FAO and the NFP Facility together with Tropenbos International, the Business in Development (BID) Network, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation of the Netherlands.


The cork oak wood in Catalonia – a pattern for sustainability

Series of videos which show the wealth and diversity of Catalonian cork oak wood, both  its cultural and social aspects as well as its natural heritage. As reported by the DIVERSiCAT this wood represents one of the greatest levels of biodiversity in the world.


Mapping Forests - The Path to Green Growth

A vibrant forestry industry can mean a brighter future for nations that pursue modern, sustainable forestry management practices: more and better jobs; lower environmental impact; a carbon neutral industry; and a renewable, sustainable approach to economic development.

Global community gathered in Bonn for COP23 climate talks

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