Series of webinars on the EU taxonomy – Discussion on future developments with the Platform on Sustainable Finance
virtual event

24 & 26 February 2021, virtual event

Organisers: European Commission - DG FISMA  and Platform on Sustainable Finance

The webinar series on the EU Taxonomy offer an opportunity to explore and discuss a variety of key concepts and possible future policy solutions related to the Platform on Sustainable Finance’s work on the EU taxonomy. Interested stakeholders will be able to engage on the approaches and key concepts developed by the Platform on Sustainable Finance so far and get an insight in the work process of the Platform.

The event will be organised as five separate livestreamed webinars, each exploring a different aspect of the EU taxonomy

  • The first webinar will focus on the role the EU taxonomy can play in stimulating and mobilising finance for transition to environmental sustainability
  • The second webinar will discuss possible ways of extending the EU taxonomy framework beyond green activities
  • The third webinar will present some of main challenges and possible solutions with regard to taxonomy-linked data and corporate reporting and disclosure
  • The fourth webinar will offer an insight into the work process of the Platform in developing the EU taxonomy criteria for the remaining four environmental objectives (water, circular economy, pollution and biodiversity)
  • The fifth webinar will address the potential development of social taxonomy and give an insight into a possible structure of such taxonomy

More information can be found here.