World Bioeconomy Roundtables: The Bioeoconomy: People, Planet, Policies
virtual event

4 February 2021, virtual event

Organiser: World Bioeconomy Forum

The Roundtable will be held  with the topic “Biostrategies overview” – status on the programs in various parts of the world.

Contents of the event:

  • Status of biostrategies in that specific region
  • Focus areas on biostrategies? Any action plans?
  • How are the bioeconomy programs implemented? Eventual new priorities?
  • What kind of role does the bioeconomy play on the national level?
  • Any indications about the value of bioeconomy?
  • Incentives programs to enhance circular bioeconomy?
  • Fastest growing sectors related to circular bioeconomy?

More information and the link to registration can be found here.