CEPF reply to EC Roadmap on EU nature restoration targets

The Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) would like to share key considerations to be taken into while preparing the announced proposal on legally binding EU nature restoration targets and its impact assessment:

  • All terms used should be well defined and commonly agreed upon before any further steps;
  • EU existing legislation and recognition of relevant national existing legislations;
  • Targets must be realistic, achievable and based on best available scientific knowledge;
  • Acknowledge and address possible trade-off between climate and biodiversity objectives;
  • Any target should be linked to a precise and accessible support mechanism, including financing mechanisms;
  • Targeted ecosystems to be restored should be identified and determined at national or regional level;
  • Areas to be restored should be designated only with the voluntary, prior and informed consent of their owners;
  • Restoration efforts should address the real drivers of degradation, in the case of European forests climate changes impacts and spread of pest and diseases;
  • Resilience, change of natural ranges and long-term nature of forests and forestry must not be overlooked;
  • Primary forests can not be restored.

These key considerations are further elaborated in the annex document.

CEPF remains available for further comments or additional information and can provide case examples.