European forest owners’ representative to continue as the Chairman of the Civil Dialogue Group on Forestry and Cork
On 24 November 2020, António Paula Soares, Member of the Board of the Confederation of European Forest Owners and Member of the Board of the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers, was elected as the Chair for the Civil Dialogue Group (CDG) on Forestry and Cork for a second mandate.

Over the first mandate, Mr Soares showed a strong involvement and commitment to make the work of the CDG as constructive as possible both for CDG members and the European Commission and regularly collaborated with the two Vice-Chairs.

Mr Soares commented the election “It’s with great honour and responsibility that I start my second mandate as the Chairman of CDG Forestry & Cork. The responsibility comes in challenging times, not only because of the pandemic and economic crisis that affect the whole society, including the forest sector, but also in an important moment in the preparation of forest-related EU policies, where the future EU Forest Strategy is of major importance to our CDG’s present and future discussions. It’s also an honour to be the Chairman when my home country, Portugal, will take over the EU Council Presidency. I look forward to continue the cooperation with the Vice-Chairs, to achieve our goals working side by side with the Commission supporting the role, responsibility and rights of all forest sector stakeholders.”

Kelsey Perlman, representing the European Environment Bureau, was re-elected as one of the two Vice-Chairs and Luis Filipe Gaspar da Costa Leal, representing the Confederation of European Paper Industries was elected as a new Vice-Chair.

More information on the work of the CDG Forestry and Cork can be found here.