About Us

CEPF activities are steered by a Board, which is appointed and/or confirmed by the CEPF General Assembly each year. Since May 2012 the Board is chaired by Mr. Hubert de Schorlemer from Luxembourg.

The Board consist of following member’s representatives:

Hubert de Schorlemer

President, election period 2018-2020

Family Forestry Luxembourg

Olivier Bertrand

Vice-President, election period 2018-2020

The National Federation of Forest Owners Unions (France)

Juha Marttila

Vice-President, election period 2019-2021

The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (Finland)

Zdenko Bogovic

Board member, election period 2018-2020

Croatian Union of Private Forest Owners' Associations

Sven-Erik Hammar

Board member, election period 2018-2020

Federation of Farmers Forestry Division – LRF Skogsägarna

Felix Montecuccoli

Board member, election period 2019-2021

The Land & Forst Betriebe Österreich

Arnis Muižnieks

Board member, election period 2019-2021

Latvian Forest Owners' Association

Michael Podstatzky-Lichtenstein

Board member, election period 2019-2021

The Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners of the Czech Republic

Antonio Paula Soares

Board member, election period 2018-2020

Confederation dos Agricultores de Portugal

Ulrich Ivo von Trotha

Board member (temporary, replaced Philipp zu Guttenberg in 2019), election period 2018-2020

German Forest Owner Association