The forest - a green fortress

The inhabitants of Luxemburg see their forests as a green fortress which, in addition to its production value, offers its inhabitants the splendid vision of what is in some way «their » forest. Because of the pronounced relief of the country, the geological and climatic conditions result in very varied climatic conditions which enable Luxemburg's forest owners to achieve a great diversity of planting in a relatively restricted area due to adaptation of species to sites.

Forest area:
92 150 ha = 35.2%

Annual fellings:
0.4 million m3

Family Forestry Luxembourg (Letzebuerger Privatbesch)

  • 1933: foundation of the forestry society GDL
  • WWII: cessation of activities
  • 29 January 1947: resumption of activities and foundation of Groupement des Sylviculteurs asbl
  • 2008: Adoption of a new corporate identity & communication under the form of «LëtzebuergerPrivatbësch»

President: Hubert de Schorlemer

Web site:

Mail contact:


2, Am Foumichterwee

L-9151 Eschdorf


Tel number: +352 89 956 510

Fax: +352 89 956 840


For more information about the Family Forestry Luxembourg, please see their presentation below.

Oak bark harvesting

One of the traditional forestry methods that is still used in Luxembourg is oak coppicing. Forest owners harvest oak bark, mostly for fun and tradition. Timber is used as firewood or as a sawn timber.