Green forests, white summits

Forest and timber have always been of great importance in Switzerland. Forests have diverse tasks to fulfil, especially in the mountainous regions. The natural biocenosis represented by forests does not only accommodate many rare animals and plants but also safeguards the supply of drinking water and, in the Alpine areas, directly protects transport routes and settlements. From a tourist point of view, forests are of outstanding importance as they determine the character of the landscape. Managed forests are therefore the backbone of a multifunctional orientated forestry policy.

Forest area:
1.2 million hectares = 30%

Annual fellings:
5 million m3

Forest Owner Association of Switzerland

The Forest Owner Association of Switzerland represents and promotes the interests of public and private forest owners and their forestry businesses. The Association assists the regional and cantonal forest owner associations in their tasks of promoting sales and services by means of constant and systematic information activities. The Forest Owner Association of Switzerland therefore stands for the maintenance of property rights on the basis of maximum freedom of action and independence for forestry businesses and forest owners.

President: Daniel Fässler

Director : Markus Brunner

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CH-4502 Solothurn, Swizerland

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