The European Forestry House

The European Forestry House is located at Place du Luxembourg, in the heart of the EU quarters of Brussels, opposite the European Parliament.


The house was established in March 2007, by CEPF (Confederation of European Forests Owners) and EUSTAFOR (European State Forest Association). Since then it has offered a vibrant and high-profile working and meeting place for various European forest related organisations. At present CEPF shares this unique 200 year-old office building with several European federations, all working together as the focal point for decision makers as well as the greater public. Whilst each of the organizations work politically and financially independently, they also join efforts in order to increase and strengthen the visibility of the European forest-based sector.

Prime location in the heart of EU quarter

Whenever forestry issues on EU level are addressed, a loud and clear, consolidated voice in Brussels is at hand.

The European Forestry House serves as a communication platform for the entire sector. Working together, we develop synergies which raise the forest sector profile in order to achieve and enhance the understanding of this crucial role of forests among policy makers and the society at large.


A warm woody atmosphere inside

Not only the tenants of the house represent the forest – the charm of the building speaks for itself!

The building has been built in the early 19th century. It has been renovated in 2006, paying respect to its old wooden interior style.

The house is a showcase of what wood can do, with wooden floors, doors and a wooden staircase. The natural character of wood oozes beauty and brings across warmth to the five floors of the building. The furniture is made of solid European wood. Each room represents a tree species, from French nut to maple to Scandinavian birch. It shows the ability of wood in creating a fashionable interior design, combining tradition with contemporary elegance. In a word, the perfect atmosphere for a Forestry House!

Get together place

The Forestry House is open for representatives of the forest-based sector and European decision-makers. The house offers a meeting location to all partners in the European and national forest-based sector. It is also a place where foresters coming to Brussels can get together in a more informal atmosphere before, between and after the meetings in commission working-groups and advisory committees.

The meeting room - with a view to the European Parliament and the Luxembourg square - can host meetings for up to 30 people.

You can see and download the Forestry House brochure and poster below.


For organizing a meeting in European Forestry House please contact:

Veerle Cornand

Office Manager

Tel.: + 32 2 239 2300