Family forestry

Finnish forestry is based on family units i.e. forestry and timber production carried out by private forest owners - 80% of timber is coming from private forest owners. Despite the prevalence of small-sized ownership, Finland is one of the world's most timber sector dependent countries. Ideal growing conditions for conifers, easily workable, valuable tree species, good logging conditions and infrastructure, combined with accessibility to markets have made Finland's forests its real source of welfare. 

Forest area:
23 million hectares = 76%

National forest owner association

MTK (Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners) has its key interest in Finnish farmers and forest owners. MTK plays an important role in Finnish forest policy as MTK's Forestry Council and Board are the national policy organisation of private forest owners. Forest owners benefit from MTK as it monitors their interest through forest management associations and their regional unions. The forest management associations are responsible for giving general forestry guidance and advice. They also provide help in timber sales and silvicultural operations.


Forestry Director: Marko Mäki-Hakola

President: Juha Marttila

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PO Box 510 (Simonkatu 6)       

00100 Helsinki,


Tel number: +358 204 131

Fax: +358 204 132 409


For more information about MTK, please see their presentation below.