Sustainable forest management in a difficult physical and social environment

The forest area of Greece has a considerable potential both for wood production and environmental services. Excessive grazing and extensive forest fires as well as the centralized and state-dominated organization of the sector impede and delay the development of productive, profitable and ecologically healthy forests.

Forest area:
6.5 million hectares = 50.7%

Forest Owner Association of Greece

Since 1926, the forest owner association of Greece represents the small private forestry sector in Greece. Major fields of activity include the defence of forest property rights, the orientation of production to the market, the promotion of domestic tree species and the encouragement of traditional cultivation methods, with due regard to sustainability.


President: Theodorus N. Ikonomou



Yiannitson 59

GR-54 627 Thessaloniki,


Tel number: +30 23 10 517 428

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