From state forests to privately owned woodlands

There are over 2.2 million hectares of forest in Hungary, from which 42 per cent (860 thousand hectares) is in private ownership. As a result of the privatization in the 1990s, approx. 400,000 forest estates were created, with an average area of 2.2 hectares. The compensation process after the regime change in Hungary resulted in a forest management system on a significant area of undivided joint property with an average area of 103 to 227 hectares each. The rate of frittered forest estates without a forest manager is high (nearly 30%) in a European comparison, the reduction of which is the biggest challenge for the forest sector.

Forest area:
2.2 million hectares = 24,9%


Established in 1994, MEGOSZ (National Association of Hungarian Private Forest Owners and Managers ) is the only nationwide federation for the representation of the interests of forest owners and forest management professionals in Hungary. The association is managed by a board of 8 members and its central office is found in the Forest Information Centre in Budapest. The association has approximately 1000 members, who own a forested area of nearly 200,000 hectares in total. MEGOSZ is becoming a recognized partner in the forest policy. MEGOSZ actively participated in the elaboration process of the National Forestry Scheme, the evaluation of the Forestry Act and in the meetings on the forestry-related titles of the Rural Development Scheme.


President: András Mocz

Managing President: Jozsef Duska

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