Forestry in Italy

Over the past 100 years, the  forest area in Italy has doubled, reaching 11.4 million hectares. This means that more than one third of the national territory is covered by woods, numbers higher than the European average. The Italian forest area has increased by over 600,000 hectares in 10 years, this expansion is due to the abandonment of agriculture and the conversion of meadowlands/pastures into woods. Italian forests rank sixth in the European ranking and represent 5% of the total European forest area. 60% of Italian forests are privately owned.

Forest area:

11.4 million hectares = 38.9%


Confagricoltura is the oldest national Farmers Association in Italy established in 1920 and based in Rome. Confagricoltura is present and operational overall Italian territory through 19 regional federations, 98 provincial unions and 2,200 local offices, moreover 22 national union of specific products. It represents about 30% of Italian farmers and farmland and 33% of Italian forest owners with over 20% of national afforested area. As members of Confagricoltura, forest owners are represented in our Forestry and Wood Economy national committee.


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