Forests by the sea

The Portuguese forest occupies an area of 3.3 million hectares (38% of the territory), where 26% is composed of coniferous and 61% of broadleaf's and 13% of mixed stands, and is the origin of the most important and integrated industrial file of our country supplied by natural renewable resources. 53% of the Portuguese forest is essentially composed by conifer (Pinus pinaster and other pinus) and by fast growth broadleaves (Eucalyptus globulus Labill), while de remaining 47%, used for the production of non-wood goods, having a high economical, physical and ecological importance, is mainly composed by quercineae (Q. suber L, Q. rotundifolia Lam and other quercus), Castanea sativa Miller and Pinus pinea L.

Forest area:
3.3 million hectares = 38%

Forestry in Portugal

The ownership regime is characterised by a predominance of the private sector (85.5%) over the public sector, subdivided as follows: 2.7% belongs to the State and 11.8% belongs to local communities. CAP, the Portuguese farmers confederation, is a socio-professional organisation which regroups more than three hundred organisations spread over the whole country, such as Federations, Regional Associations, as well as specialised associations for the different agricultural and forestry sectors, and even some co-operatives.



President: Eduardo Manuel Drummond de Oliveira e Sousa

Vice-president: António Cabral da Silveira Gonçalves Ferreira

Secretary General: Luis Mira

Forestry issues: João Soveral

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