Our vision

By 2030, we want to be a cornerstone of a safe, sustainable, resilient, and competitive EU, thanks to active sustainable forest management, a prerequisite to healthy and prosperous forests and to a growing bioeconomy.

We want to keep playing our role in addressing the main challenges our society faces, from climate change to loss of competitiveness, high energy prices and social fracture. Our long-term vision is for EU citizens to keep enjoying all the benefits provided by our forests and to connect them with us.

Strength in diversity

We are a diverse group of people, as diverse as our forests spanning across the continent. Our management decisions are tailor-made and locally suited to our forests. These differences make it possible to fulfil the varying needs of society.

Independent management of forests

We take care of our forests with decisions based on national and regional forest management legislations, values, scientific information and long-standing field expertise.

Embracing time

We are part of a long-term forest management cycle as it takes at least three generations for a tree to reach maturity.

Integrated approach to forests

We consider all functions of forests essential. In addition to their environmental benefits, our forests are economically viable and bring social and cultural benefits to society. We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.