Rich environment and profitable business

After the realisation of the land reform from 1992-1997, half of the forests are owned by private people, 50% of those are operated as family forestry enterprises. Latvia has approximately 135 000 privately owned forest properties. Private forests are mainly characterized by naturally regenerated stands, diverse in species composition, size, age and structure. Almost 65% of the forest area is covered with broadleaves and 35% with coniferous trees. Over the past 20 years the total woodland in Latvia has been increasing from 2.9 million ha to 3.5 million ha because of favourable growing conditions for different tree species, in particular broadleaves. Income from timber production is an important part of all incomes of farmers and people living in rural areas. Forest production as a whole accounts for almost 20% (year 2015) of the export income of Latvia.

Forest area:
3.4 million hectares = 55%

Latvian Forest Owners' Association

The Latvian Forest Owners' Association has started collaboration with the local forest owners’ associations on developing private forestry and other issues. The Latvian Forest owners’ association is providing support to the existing forest owners associations for information and education and experience exchange. In spring 2008 the local forest owners’ organisations delegated Latvian Forest Owners Association to be their interests representing organisation nationally and internationally.


Head of the Board: Inesis Bokis

Secretary General: Arnis Muiznieks

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Republikas laukums 2 - 508
Riga, LV - 1981, Latvia

Tel number: +371 67 027 079

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