The forest - source of life

The Norwegian forests are the basis and source of a considerable industry and employment. The management methods include respect for recreation demands and recognize forests and woodlands as natural habitats for wild animals and plants. To the forest owners, however, the industrial aspect is very important. Forest products account for almost 5% of the export income of Norway.

Forest area:
12 million hectares = 37%

Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation

The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation is the umbrella organisation for the 8 regional forest owners' cooperatives in Norway. The Federation and the regional cooperatives are combined political and economic organisations. The Federation concentrates on coordination and national politics, while the economic activities, timber trade, service and counselling of members is the main task of the regional organisations. The regional cooperatives buy the wood from their members/owners' and sell the wood to the industry. Each regional cooperative conduct price negotiations with the industry. National price negotiations are not allowed.


The Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation with the regional cooperatives is the main economic and political forest owners' organisation with 40 000 members and owners and 80% market share in the timber trade. There is an organisation with around 200 members organising many larger properties with less than 10% market share. This organisation is not a cooperative.


Head of the Board: Heidi Hemstad

Managing director: Ellen Alfsen

Web site:

Mail contact:


Roald Amundsens gate 6

PO Box 1438 Vika

N-0115 Oslo, Norway

Tel number: +47 23 000 750


For more information about the Norwegian Forest Owners' Federation, please see their presentation below.