6 June 2024

The annual General Assembly of the Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF) took place from May 29-31, 2024, in Kelheim (Bavaria), Germany. This gathering brought together the CEPF Secretariat and members from across Europe and was co-hosted by CEPF’s German members: the Federation of German Forest Associations (AGDW) and Familienbetriebe Land und Forst Bayern.

Participants stayed at the Bayerische Waldbauernschule (Forestry School) where they were introduced to the school's organization and the various courses available to foresters and students.

The General Assembly was opened with welcoming words from Philipp zu Guttenberg, Deputy of Familienbetriebe Land und Forst Bayern; Ivo von Trotha, CEPF Board Member and Sven-Erik Hammar, CEPF President.

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Mr. zu Guttenberg extended a warm welcome to all participants, wishing them constructive discussions followed by important decisions. He highlighted the importance of exchanging best practices and knowledge. Mr. von Trotha reflected on his five years as a CEPF Board member and Vice-President, emphasizing the need to value not only the diversity of European forests but also the diversity of the people behind them.

In his opening speech, CEPF President stressed the necessity of viewing sustainably managed European forests as an integrated part of the society. He called for making wood a symbol of progress and committed to a future where the EU truly grows alongside its forests. 

During the General Assembly meeting, four CEPF Board members were unanimously re-elected for a two-year term (2024-2026): Sven Erik Hammar (Sweden); Hubert de Schorlemer (Luxembourg); Antonio Paula Soares (Portugal); and Zdenko Bogovic (Croatia). Additionally, Mr. Hammar was re-elected as CEPF President, while Mr. Soares and Mr. Luc Bouvarel (France) were re-elected as Vice-Presidents.

Following, Mr. von Trotha’s decision to step  down from his roles as CEPF Board member and Vice-President., the General Assembly unanimously elected Carl Anton Prinz zu Waldeck und Pyrmont (Germany) as the new CEPF Board member and Vice-President. Mr. zu Waldeck briefly introduced himself, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity and his eagerness to be part of CEPF.

The full list of CEPF Board members can be found here.


CEPF Secretariat extended its heartfelt gratitude to Mr. von Trotha for all the hard work, remarkable contribution to CEPF’s activities and wonderful relationships he provided in the last five years.

The dinner that followed the meeting provided a fantastic opportunity for lively conversations, networking, and strengthening bonds within the forestry community.

On the final day, participants visited the Bavarian forest, gaining valuable insights into the specifics of private forest ownership in the region.

CEPF would like to thank all members, participants, speakers, and particularly the organizers and hosts of this year's General Assembly In particular, a warm thank you to Natalie Hufnagl-Jovy, Anton Burkhart, Mrs Annette Scholz, Mr. Josef Ziegler  and Mr Peter Hummel.

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