5 December 2023

Representing more than 15 milion European Forest Owners - women, men, families of different ages, cultures, social backgrounds, histories, values and interest, CEPF has launched a comprehensive manifesto outlining their achievements, vision, and commitments, while articulating key requests for the upcoming European mandate.

The Manifesto encapsulates the following core elements:

Our Achievements: It highlights the significant progress made in and by sustainable forest management. It also emphasizes the substantial contributions of forest owners in meeting societal needs while preserving and enhancing forests and their biodiversity.

Our Vision: It outlines a long-term and forward-looking vision, reaffirming our commitment to safe, sustainable, resilient and competitive EU thanks to sustainable forest management. It expresses our devotion to continuing playing a role in addressing the main challenges our society faces.

Our Commitments: It includes our commitment to continued improvement and eagerness to evolve, innovate and adapt. It also encompasses forest owners’ pledges such as optimizing sustainable forest management, contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our Requests: the manifesto puts forth crucial requests for consideration in the upcoming European mandate and highlights the necessity of considering and trusting forest owners as key actors in the preparation of policies that affect them and European forests (i.e. environment, climate, energy, agriculture, health, finance, trade, etc.)


In conclusion, as European Forest Owners, we seek acknowledgment and a voice in defining and implementing EU sustainability objectives. Our substantial contributions align with and strongly endorse the EU's 2050 ambitions and goals. Moving forward, we necessitate increased flexibility and the capacity to adapt to local conditions for effective implementation. We are confident that through an an open, constructive dialogue our contribution will be considered for the next years, especially when it comes to “how” EU sustainability objectives can and should be achieved.

Learn more about our achievements, vision & commitments: European Forest Owners Manifesto: Caring for European Forest