8 February 2024

European forest owners support the Communication’s clear recognition of the bioeconomy, as key pillar of the sustainable transition away from the fossil-based economy and the enabling framework for resilient and thriving European rural areas. Sustainably managed multifunctional forests will have a paramount role to play, as the horizon of sustainably sourced forest-based novel materials and products is expanding.

90% net reductions compared to 1990 levels signal a steep trajectory and exponential greenhouse gas emission cuts, which foresees rapid phasing out fossil-based materials. For forestry, as a sector with decades-long planning amid increasing climate extremes and their derived impacts, it is essential to have regulatory predictability and stability for long-term.

As the Communication outlines close involvement of the land-based sectors, European forest owners are looking forward to intensifying the dialogue with EU policy makers on how such involvement should take place. For our sector it is essential to find the path in the post-2030 climate policy framework, where forestry can contribute to its capacity to a fair setting encompassing carbon sequestration, storage and substitution, in an enabling policy environment, while delivering on our sector’s entire range of ecosystem services and strengthening rural livelihoods.