13 June 2023

This year EXPANDEO conference discussed the contribution of satellite-Earth Observation (EO)-based services for the measurement, reporting and verification of EU Green Deal’s policies, creating interactions with different stakeholders on actual policy regulation discussions, partnerships, global development.

Among the panel session, one focused on the implementation of the future EU Forest Monitoring Framework. The session was moderated by Irene Benito, Chair of EARSC forest management WG, Planet, and speakers included: Basanta Gautam, Manager REDD+ Technical Innovation, Verra, Hélène Koch, Policy Advisor, CEPF, Inge Jonckheere, Teamleader Satellite Land Monitoring Systems, FAO, Joanna Nowakowska, System Performance Director, Forest Stewardship Council, and Simon Kay, Deputy Head of Unit Low Carbon Solutions, DG Climate Action, European Commission.

Among other topics, the panel discussed on awareness of EO contribution by the community of forestry users, the collaboration with the EO sector and checking the stages where the process embedded EO data in the process, and the complexity to address the needs of private forest owners due to the heterogeneity of this population.


The recording of the panel session is available on YouTube.

You can read the Press Release of the full conference on EXPANDEO 2023’s website.