5 June 2023

Meeting of EU Forest Directors

The Meeting of EU Forest Directors took place from 15 – 17 May, gathering Forest Directors from EU Member States and some representatives of stakeholders in the forestry sector including Fanny-Pomme Langue, CEPF’s Secretary General.

Among the key topics of the meeting were several important such as, the state of play regarding the ongoing deliberations on the nature restoration law and upcoming proposal on forest monitoring and integrated long-term forest planning. During the second part of the meeting participants were introduced to Swedish forests and forestry and received valuable presentations on local ownership, the Swedish National Forest Inventory, the development of digital information and cultural values.

Participants had the opportunity to engage in an inspiring "Wood Safari" experience hosted by Skellefteå municipality, which allowed them to explore the relationship between creative ideas and their role in low carbon solutions both in old and new wood constructions. Additionally, they participated in a field visit that highlighted various aspects, including local forestry ownership, and sustainable forest management practices 


Meeting of EU Nature Directors

The Meeting of EU Nature Directors took place from 24-26 May, gathering Nature Directors from EU Member States and representatives of stakeholders including Hélène Koch, CEPF Policy Advisor.

Among the key topics of the meeting were one open session on the implementation of the Kunming-

Montreal Biodiversity Framework in the EU and member states, and two closed sessions one on nature restoration planning and nature protection and one on the EU agenda related to Nature protection.

Participants had the opportunity to visit the Färnebofjärden national park and learn about the management of the national park by the county board of Gävleborg county and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.