18 October 2023

           The SUPERB project (Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services) is a €20 million project funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the EU Green Deal.

          The Forest Restoration Talks are organised by SUPERB and IUFRO to discuss forest restoration questions from diverse scientific perspectives, with alternating focus on the global and European levels. The series brings together researchers, practitioners, NGOs, policy makers and other interested stakeholders to explore practical forest restoration approaches, experiences, and challenges worldwide.

         On 18 October 2023, the webinar focused on „(In)Coherences in EU Forest-Related Policies under the framework of the Nature Restoration Law ”. The webinar started by a joint presentation by Dr. Metodi Sotirov and PhD. Simon Fleckenstein, both from the University of Freiburg, framing the discussion. The webinar then continued with a panel exchange with both scientists and forest stakeholder representatives: Ms. Hélène Koch, CEPF Senior Policy Advisor, Ms. Karoliina Niemi, Finnish Forest Industries Federation Forest Director, and Ms. Ana Rocha, ELO Director on EU Agriculture & Forestry policies.


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You can find the previous Forest Restoration Talk webinars on the dedicated SUPERB webpage.